Prendre des cours avec Hop'La Skateboard

Take lessons with Hop'La Skateboard

In 2022, even in Mont-de-Marsan, it is impossible not to hear about skateboarding : the discipline recently entered the Olympic Games; skateparks are growing or expanding throughout the Landes; the Bank's skateshop has been lighting up Place Pancaut for 13 years already. Then, let's talk about the Hop'La association! Since 2019, she has continued to organize events, giving skateboarding lessons to children in Mont-de-Marsan and the surrounding area, whether through school structures or as part of courses and courses that she organizes. . Seriously, does that mean anything to you? Come on, let’s explain.

For the little story

Léo Pottié grew up in Mont-de-Marsan. He skated from a very young age, hanging out at the shop, riding around with the older ones on the few modulars of the time. He left at a very young age to learn with his own hands, precisely the carpentry. He quickly completed several diplomas allowing him to supervise the practice of skateboarding. Mélanie Lartigue is a pure local product. His childhood was built around Gabarret, moving towards Mont-de-Marsan then Bordeaux. Studies required. But the story goes well because it seems to me that this is when the two meet. And fall in love. After many years of working with wood for one and obtaining a master's degree in Art for the other, they decided to “return home”. Surrounded by a team of brave people, they set up a skate school: Hop'La Skateboard. And on Saturday February 23, 2019 the association was officially registered in the Official Journal. Advertisement 659 of the 40th.

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Skate school


They last 1h30 and are open to all: beginners, beginners, advanced, experts and extracurriculars. Several options are available, because the association wants to do things well. Wednesday and Saturday as well as Sunday mornings are reserved for group lessons. Thursday and Friday are reserved for private lessons.


Two skateparks are used, which allows you to practice in two different spaces: the layouts, modules and curves are not the same. The association operates on the Nahuques skatepark, located opposite the Hall, as well as that of Saint-Pierre du Mont, located in the city's Sports Complex.


During school holidays, the association sets up courses lasting a few days. Once again, they are open to all levels and generally take place at the skateparks mentioned above. But this summer a 3-day skate camp was organized on the Basque-Landes coast, in order to practice on different skateparks.

The events

The association is present at most Mons events linked to urban practices. It sets up more specialized events, highlighting skateboarding and/or its culture: contests, cash for tricks, Happy Punk Day, etc.



By Juliette Brussaud

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