Larry Clark, le metteur en scène des skateurs

Larry Clark, the director of skateboarders

The birth of a great passion for skateboarding

Lawrence Donald Clark is an American photographer, director and writer, known for his controversial and provocative work. But what many people don't know is that Clark also has a strong connection to the world of skateboarding .

Clark grew up in Oklahoma, where he began skating at a fairly young age. He was drawn to skate culture and quickly realized it was an integral part of his life. He started taking photos of his skater friends and the people around him.

The beginning of his career as a Photographer

Clark moved to New York in the 1960s and began working as a photographer. He continued to take photos of skateboarders and began documenting the New York skate scene . His photos, between fiction and reality, are different from those of other photographers of the time. They are raw, realistic and show the daily life of skateboarders and other people moving in the street ( see Tulsa, Teenage lust ).

Larry Clark Wassup Rockers Skate

Larry Clark and his entry into cinema with an obvious subject: Skateboarding

In 1995, Clark directed his first feature film, "Kids." This critically acclaimed film follows a group of young New York skateboarders as they navigate life, sex, drugs and skateboarding .

Clark's connection to the skateboarding world doesn't end there. In 2005, he directed “Wassup Rockers”. The film follows a group of Latin American skateboarders in Los Angeles who live their lives against the backdrop of skateboarding , punk music and social issues related to cops, racism and the NRA.

Larry Clark “The Author”

Clark also published a book called "The Perfect Childhood" in 1993. The book is a collection of photos of young Oklahoma skateboarders . Pictures

raw and realistic, showing the daily life of skateboarders .

An essential work for all skaters

Clark's connection to the skateboarding world is deep and genuine. He documented the New York street scene for several decades, long before it became popular. He has also made films and published books that show the life of skateboarders as it really is.

His contribution to skate culture is invaluable and he will continue to be an inspiration to skateboarders and artists around the world.

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