Happy Punk Day

Happy Punk Day

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On Saturday May 27, in the city center of Mont-de-Marsan , the Plumaçon arenas will vibrate to the sound of punk played at its feet. During a free day, many passionate or curious visitors will venture into this showcased universe, from 2 p.m. to 2 a.m.

No less than 3 groups will perform live as well as several DJs, skateboarding events will be offered to experienced practitioners , numerous tattoo artists and stands will offer their art considered punk (fanzines, vinyls, specialized books). Finally, restaurateurs and a bar will be set up to satisfy all palates.


In 1976 the first punk festival in Europe was held in Mont-de-Marsan, in the Plumaçon arenas. London punks bring skateboarding back to the city , but after a few editions nothing more. Only skateboarding survived.

For three years, the Bank's skateshop has been celebrating its anniversary by organizing an event: Happy Bank's Day. We want to use this skate event to bring punk back to the city. Last year the Hop'La Skateboard association restored a mini-ramp and negotiated its installation at the arena bowling alley. We will use this space allowing us to respect the original location of the festival, by scheduling a tribute day. Over time, we also hope to put on a real festival.


We want to highlight this culture that is little known to the public: the production of independent fanzines, film photography, ephemeral exhibitions, the art of tattooing, the practice of skateboarding , the collection of stickers. We offer an integral vision of punk and its culture.


We want to highlight the history of the city, the legacy that punk left there. This could not be done without the help of Mons merchants and artists: La Veine Noire , Caractères , Miou , Le Plumaçon , Kaf'Zic' , Vinyl Kafé . The photographers Angel Pandiella and Paul Grund are also there, as well as all the co-founders of the project: Fred Méoule ( Bank's Skateshop ), Léo Pottié and Mélanie Lartigue ( Hop'La Skateboard ) as well as Benjamin Lacroix, Lucas Fitte and Juliette Brusaud ( Spark Association ). In addition, we work in collaboration with several local partners: Portalet , MdM Informatique , Le Zoo , D'Ici ou D'Ailleurs , V and B as well as the local press: Radio MdM and Sud-Ouest .


This event is dedicated to enthusiasts or curious people. During the day it is possible to meet the selected groups and artists to discover their art and experiences. To do this, contact Juliette Brusaud at hoplaskateboard@gmail.com. On the Happy Punk Day website, a “Press” tab is programmed, after the event, to communicate links to articles discussing the event.

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