Chad Eaton, le peintre des éléments

Chad Eaton, the painter of the elements


Chad is a child of the 90s. He grew up in southern California and was, understandably, into skateboarding . Her mother is an artist. As he grew up, the transfer of passion took place and he in turn became an independent artist. A fan of screen printing, he practices on sheets of paper and then t-shirts. His style is hatched, essentially black and white, but also very organic. Nature is omnipresent in his visuals, in particular motifs linked to the forest: logs, axes, bears, fir trees, etc.

In 2006, he created his own structure: Timber! label. It allows him to legally sell his creations, while creating illustrations for big brands. Chad worked for several years, traveling the country and art markets, until one day he created a logo for a big skateshop . This achievement attracts the Element guys.

TIMBER! x Element

The first trace of collaboration that I found dates back to 2012, at that time it was mainly t-shirts or zips that came out. The following year, the Keep Discovering… line was released under the name Element x Timber! No less than 4 pro models - Mark Appleyard, Levi Brown, Nijah Huston, Nick Garcia - but also a series of textile items. The brand's account officially introduced the line on Instagram on October 25, 2013.

In November, the two partners joined forces with Gentlemen's Beard and Mustache Club and set up an awareness campaign. A series of 2 t-shirts and 2 boards are created, the aim being to donate the profits to Movember fundraisers. In addition to these items, there is a free bandana with each order placed. To close the month and the action, a jam and an evening are organized: barbers, concerts, free beers.

Other series are coming out, each more creative than the last: 4 boards and an exclusive beer produced for the European exhibition The LB Project, a pop-up presenting a capsule of 14 items and offering beers and artistic performance by Chad him -same, and many others.

TIMBER! x Element x Star Wars™

In the world of skateboarding, collaborations are raining down: Zero x Misfits, Emerica x Toy Machine, Brixton x Coca Cola, Etnies x Independent , Emerica x Shake Junt . And I'm going through so many! The race for the most unlikely encounter wins. Some are lame, but the one between Element and Star Wars™ clearly isn't.

Several items make up this collection: a series of 5 decks featuring the iconic characters of the series which, side by side, form a splendid fresco - 3 complete boards with different visuals - grip-type skate accessories - a mess of items.

His style is largely recognizable, although the artist's credit is not placed on the deck . Hatching allows you to bring movement to clothing while demarcating areas of light and shadow. The colors chosen are quite dull: gray, pale green, brown. For what ? So that it is the title, bright yellow, that catches the eye. Not stupid.

But the real mischief is to have included Luke on the central board, while making him bite on the right and left boards. It makes me want to buy the lot! On each board, a person or their accessory is cut, in order to overflow onto the next board . But you're lucky. I still have the complete series, available in the shop or on the online site. Do not hesitate

Edited by: Juliette Brusaud

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